Coolest finds of the month

This month we had the first volunteers in the archive, here are some of the cool things they found in the photo albums photographed so far.

The photos above show workers setting up a pulley system to help lift one of the stones into place in the West Kennet Avenue excavations. This clearly shows that there was no such thing as health and safety back in the 1930s.

Workers on a break around a caravan
Workers on a break around a caravan, Album C, West Kennet Avenue excavations 1935, 78510302, Alexander Keiller Museum.

Not everything was all hard work on the Keiller excavations, workers had the chance to take breaks and relax in the summer sun. They even had a caravan!

A toy armadillo on a stone
A toy armadillo on a stone, Album A, Avenue excavations 1934, 78510300, Alexander Kellier Museum.

Keiller and his excavation team were known to hide a toy armadillo around the dig site. Here is one example we found this week.

Stuart Piggott working on some pottery in a feature
Stuart Piggott working on some pottery in a feature, from Photo Album B, West Kennet Avenue excavations 1934, accession number 78510301, Alexander Keiller Museum.

In the above photo, it looks like archaeologist Stuart Piggott is having an afternoon nap in a feature. However, upon further inspection, you can tell he is carefully removing soil from around the base of a fragile piece of pottery.

By Caitlin

Caitlin is an Archaeology, Anthropology, and Forensics student at Bournemouth University, graduating class of 2024. During her placement year, she spent 6 months as Digitisation Assistant for the Avebury Papers Project.

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