Here you will find Open Source versions of out-of-print works related to Avebury, as well as new publications created by project members.

Antiquity Journal

A huge thank you to the editors and publishers of Antiquity for newly releasing the following Avebury articles on an open access basis, no login required!

Keiller, A. and Piggott, S., 1936. The recent excavations at Avebury. Antiquity 10(40): 417-27. DOI:

Keiller, A. 1939. Avebury: summary of excavations 1937 and 1938. Antiquity 13(50): 223-33. DOI:

Piggott, S. 1935. Stukeley, Avebury and the Druids. Antiquity 9(33): 22-32. DOI: