Cool Finds of the Month

We are now well into our second month of digitisation here at Avebury. So let’s look at some cool finds we’ve had this month.

black and white print of workers pumping water out of a trench
Workers pumping water out of a trench. Photo Album E, page 33, 78510304.

This photo found in photo album E shows workers pumping water out of a stone hole, presumably after heavy rainfall, to complete the stone’s excavation.

A sketch of skeletal remains found in a feature. includes a list of reference points
Sketch of skeletal remains in stone hole 31. Found in one of Stuart Piggott’s books, accession number 78510489_059.

This cool sketch was found in one of Stuart Piggott’s plotting books. It shows a detailed drawing of the burial in stone hole 31. Stone hole 31 is the feature that we saw Stuart excavating a pot in last time!

black and white photo of a lady on a ladder cleaning a standing stone
Photo of Doris Chapman cleaning a stone, accession number 78510304_052_b.

The above photo shows worker Doris Chapman up a ladder cleaning one of the excavated and lifted standing stones down West Kennet Avenue. It shows that Alexander Keiller and his team had a sharp eye for the fine details of the site.

black and white photo of four men in work clothes, the second man from the left is holding a cat in his arms
Photo by W E V Young, 1939, accession number 20004235_002.

These workers seem to have found a furry friend on the dig site! This moment was captured by W E V Young in 1939.

By Caitlin

Caitlin is an Archaeology, Anthropology, and Forensics student at Bournemouth University, graduating class of 2024. During her placement year, she spent 6 months as Digitisation Assistant for the Avebury Papers Project.

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